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Overview of methods



Method to exercise negotiation skills, social values and prioritizing ability.


Backpack journalism

Backpack journalism is a method which is getting more and more popular in the world of media. It is so simple to take a notebook, pencil and smartphone, go to the city and write an article just about life. The inhabitants are the heart of your cit...



Participants give any association connected with the problem. They say everything comes to their mind to solve, give a description etc. In the first phase they can't be roasted, criticized or judged. They write down everything, everyone has to be ...


Council Simulation

It’s a method, which helps to improve participant’s knowledge about councils in general, but mainly in his town/village. It includes visit of the real council act.


Explore the NGO

Simulation game – Explore the NGO is about creating your own non-governmental organization (foundation or association) on paper. Groups of five have to create status of the organization, the registration request, to choose a name and set up ...



We divide materials (each team has the same materials). In one team each student has a different part of materials. Student study part of materials and teach each other.


Paper Person

The group has one life-size paper person. Every participant stands up one by one and tells something bad about this paper person. With the verbal insult comes the physical crumple of any paper person’s body part.  After everybody insult...


Peer Education – Confli...

Teachers and students participate in trainings on conflict prevention and interventions. After that participants become the trainers themselves and can lead same trainings for other students. The trainings embrace both theory and interactive metho...


Photo Hunt

People are divided in groups and then go to town to complete certain tasks.


Race through Czech Republ...

Method about getting new knowledge about Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania.


Rights and Responsibiliti...

There are 10 cups stack to the wall. Each has a paper with a one written sentence about what citizen’s right or responsibility is. Groups of 3–4 people walk around and stop near each cup to discuss the sentences, they have to decide, w...


Role-playing game

The method was used in class “Local government”.

Role-playing refers to the changing of one’s behaviour to assume a role local Councillor.


Round tables

Few round tables (or something similar) where participants can comfortably sit and discuss specific topics/problems connected with their towns, schools, neighbourhoods, etc. Participants of every group indentify two main challenges in area of thei...


Ruined map

Method ruined map is developing civic competences and social competences. It is dependent on attractive work in groups of participants. Groups are collecting cut pictures of sights and place them on the map of Czechia. After that each group presen...


Six thinking hats

This tool encourages a group to look at a situation from a new angle. Each 'hat' represents a different way of looking at something. There are a number of ways to do this exercise. For example, individuals within the group can w...